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T.S. Harvey
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Help: Question on Removing 85' 190D 2.2 Transmission

Hello All,

I'm trying to remove the transmission on a 85' 190D 2.2. I've unbolted everything (as far as I can tell) and am unable to get the transmission to drop. I've taken out the 6 bolts that run through the flywheel and into the torque converter.

It seems that the torque converter which is still up against the engine will not allow the transmission to drop. How can I get the torque converter to move away from the flywheel and towards the rear of the car (together with the transmission)?

Any suggestion on how I might get that torque converter to move away from the fly wheel or how I might remove the transmission will be greatly appreciated? I'm not able to find any place to pry it (torque converter) off. Thanks in advance.

T.S. Harvey
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