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Exclamation Tank repair

Hi, This is exactly what happened on my 560SL some 5 years ago. The radiator repair shop owner explained the issue.

The hot water comes from the block and pours into the radiator. Plastic inlets primarily are not built to deal with the heat and the concentration of hot water. If your water level is low then the heat is concentrated in a narrower area and the plastic deteriorates.

Moving along: the "radiator" consists of three parts. the inlet tank and the outlet tank, these are crimped onto the radiator core and can be removed and replaced. Since the water on the outlet tank is cooler than the inlet tank and the water is covering the whole area of the connector, these cracks develop less often.

You need to call around for a repair shop that either has, or can order the inlet tank for your car. If you like, and the cost is reasonable. you might do both tanks as long as you have the radiator out of the car. If you were not experiencing any overheating problem then the core could be ok and not need replacement. My core was a Behr was fine, so the repair shop said the outlet tank which was on the driver side was ok and did not recommend replacement

I do not know if your radiator has top and bottom tanks or side tanks.

Is your core aluminum? are you using the correct coolant? This will happen again if you allow the coolant to run low and the heat gets concentrated in a narrower area of the inlet connector.

If the repair shop is local, great. If not and they can not find the tank, than order the part. If you can, remove the radiator and take it to a shop.

The 560 was a pretty easy Remove and replace others way not be.

Good luck, JackM.
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