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I can't explain the smoke.
I can help you with the rest.
IMHO the manuals are truly useless for locating or dealing with relay problems.
See this page for useful information on the relay end of things:

The fuel pump/filter/pressure regulator assembly is located under the car, on the right side, just ahead of the rear axle. You will have to remove a plastic shield to get at it.
Some models have 2 fuel pumps, but I think yours has just one.
Looking at the attached diagram, the pump is on the left, the filter is in the middle, and the pressure regulator is on the right.

The hardest part of servicing anything in this assembly is that you need to drain the fuel tank, or plug the hose, and even then there will be much residual fuel to contend with, which is no fun, particularly without a lift.

I still think it may be worth trying a whack on the pump, and replacing the relay before tearing into this assembly. Good luck, and I hope it is an easy fix.

[can't seem to get image to display here- use URL below if you can't see it]

1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.

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