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The pre-98 and post 98 were are both 6's. What Larry is getting at is if it's a V6 or not, which it is. 98 and newer are V6.
Loosen the oil filter cap all the way and wait 5 minutes, the filter canister will drain out pretty good. Pull the cap up and have an old rag to put underneath it as you remove it from the engine bay, to keep the belt, radiator support, etc from getting old oil on it. But it won't drip much if you wait the 5 minutes.
The "belly pan" (encapsulation panel is a no-brainer, 4 screws hold it on, 8mm heads. There are also 2 slots on each side that connect to moulded plastic clips, after removing the 4 screws, pull down, it'll snap off of the clips.
The filter is underneath the cap you unscrew. Just remove the filter by first unscrewing the cap, then pull it up out of the canister after waiting 5 minutes. The filter pulls off of the central "post" of the filter cap assembly, you'll see what I mean when you remove it, just get a few paper towels, grab the filter element, and kind of twist and pull to remove the element. There are 4 o-rings that come with the new filter, remove the old ones with either a needle-nose pliers or a small screwdriver, then install the new ones, starting with the largest one.
This engine holds 8.5 quarts when doing the filter. The best advice I can give is to use Mobil1 synthetic, I recommend 0W40 if you can find it.
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