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300E Fuel Pumps and Filter Leaking

I just finished replacing the fuel injectors and fuel filter on my 89 300E.

As expected, it took more than the usual cranking time to start it after servicing, but it appears to be idling properly.

I left the fuel pump and filter cover off so I could check for leaks, and there appear to be several. The leaking is mostly from the banjo fittings on the end of engine-facing end of the fuel pumps and the new fuel filter. The fitting on the rear-facing side of the filter also has a slight leak.

The lower fuel pump and the plastic housing below it had a bit of residue from fuel and grime prior to changing the filter, so I think there may have been a small fuel leak previously.

Is it that the fittings on either end of the fuel filter just need to be tightened? How tight do they need to be? I was concerned about distorting the fittings if I overtorqued them.

I have a copper seal ring inset on either side of the fuel filter, and I am assuming that is correct.

In reference to the fuel fittings on the end of the fuel pumps, do they just need to be tightened, or are there seal rings, seals, or washers that need replacement?

Apologies for the length of this post. Any and all advice would be welcome. I really need to get this car back on the road (And not as a potential fuel bomb)
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