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Alon, I remembered you told me to tighten the disc, but it doesnt really do anythign considering that you tighten your lug bolts down to 80 ft. lbs or more. Mercedes recomends 80, but I always do 90. It shouldnt do anything by tightening the disc, but I guess it does because it did work a little.

You may want to check the brake pads because they could have gotten cocked inside the brake pad bracket.

I have been fighting the same problem, but when you put on the brakes. Do they squeal when you are about to stop?

My car needs wheel bearings. Im going to do that this weekend, so Ill let you know if it fixes it.

Id try what alon suggests, then if that doesnt work. Let me find out if the wheel bearings fix it.

Since you will have the wheels off anyway, take off the calipers, and put antisieze on the edges of the pad and on the back maybe its binding / stuck on the pistons.

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