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560SEL rear suspension

1991 560 SEL, ride is quite bouncy in the rear. I have gotten a few suggestions and I am confused to say the least.

I had decided (per suggestions) that I need to replace the acuumulators. But, was also told that if they are bad the car will be sagging in the rear. It doesn't appear to sag to me. You tell me:

I was also told that if the car bounced up and down when I pushed on the rear end that I needed to go through a very expensive replacement of the rear shocks. The car does bounce up and down a few times when pushed on.

My hydraulic tank is 1/2 full and it appears that the filter needs replacing. I understand the replacement of the accumulators is not a very hard job but could anyone provide a description of this process? I order the manuals on CD but they do not help at all. Anyone know where I can get a manual similar to a Haynes or Chilton manual for repairs and maintenance?

Can anyone tell me what I should check and in what order if it were yours? This is my first MB and everything else is in wonderful shape and I love this car! I understand from other posts that I will love it even more when I correct this problem.
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