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Sunroof Repair Cost on W126 (Reasonable?)

Due to a real lack of good independent shops in my area, I took my 87 300SDL to a nearby MB dealer to get my sunroof looked at. It would open fine, but had issues closing and venting in the back.

They thought a simple adjustment and lubrication may do the trick, but it didn't. With my permission, the tech took down the headliner and found the right side track was starting to "crumble" and recommended a complete sunroof assembly replacement. He also advised to go ahead and replace the cable since it was already torn down.

The original estimate was between $1800 and $1900, parts and labor. I declined the repair and asked them to reinstall the headliner and verify the sunroof was completely closed. I was planning on just not using the sunroof and maybe looking for recycled parts later on when I had time to tackle the repair myself.

A few hours later, the service advisor called me back. He wanted to let me know the inspection/removal/reinstall they had already done would be around $700 (and no repairs would be made). In good faith, he talked with his service manager and was able to get a break on the price. If I were to go ahead with the repair, the total would be around $1500, parts and labor.

Since this dealer was recommended and the advisor seemed straightforward and honest, I gave permission to go ahead with the repair at their price quote. If I remember correctly, it was about a 50/50 parts/labor. Like $750 parts and $750 labor.

Does this sound in line, and do their tactics seem reasonable?

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