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Here is the after-shot, with the new pad fitted. It looks a hell of a lot better, and the engine is definitely quieter. I kinda hoped it would be an 'ultimate fix' to noisy 190Es, but it's not quite, there's still more to be done.

Driving it for a day with no hood pad at all revealed all sorts of interesting noises.. kinda sounded like a race car with all the whining and screaming noises you could hear

But it's now quieter, and sounds so much better than the low mileage good condition '97 Accord 2.0i LS Auto I drove immediately after (more growl, less hedge-strimmer or moped). Is also better built, quicker, better ride, damping, seats, has *much* better steering & transmission, and none of the Hondas squeaks. Only lost out on aircon. I actually thought the Honda might be comparable at first..

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