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560 SEL Do I want it?

I have been looking at buying a 86 560SEl. The car is in good condition, or seems to be. But the other day I went to look at it
and when I unlocked the doors and then try to start it the alarm went off. We got it turned off but when I went to straret the car it started and ran for mabe 3 seconds. It did not start again for an hour or more. My question is, can the alrm cause this or does it have some other problem? When you drive the car it is very strong all vacum items work right. Like the AC system. I love the ride of the car and the power but have only owned diesls and am a little scared of the gas burners. It rides better than my sd that is for sure. And what kind of milage should I expect. And how long will the moter last? It has 1600000 on it now. Thanks
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