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Hi everyone,

This transmission ordeal has been a very strange and unusuall for me. Here's why...

Very often people on the forum vent negatively about dealers and mechanics while trying to second guess them.At times I'm sure for good reason. I have probably ventured into that frustrating territory myself. However -
The shop I use is very good and I have had nothing but good things to say about them in the past.They are not cheap by any means, are very credible and They do their own transmission work. I was in the "clean room" and saw mine amongst other dismantled ones BEFORE they took it apart.
What was strange was that when I showed up after the weekend to find out the verdict on my old transmission, the owner wasn't there, but the car was jacked up with a new shinning looking transmission on it. not mine...
I could only get him on the phone the next morning when he explained in detail all that I wrote about in earlier posts.
When I Told him how upset I was about not being notified in advance - he immediately offered to remove the tranny,and call me a tow truck to take my car away.
Now this car is a daily drive , the shop owner thinks he is helping me out with a "speedy recovery" and my work schedule that week unfortunately could not afford me the time just then to drive around with a tow truck and a broken down tranny looking for help...not to mention the position I'd be in with that new shop I did not even know.
I felt taken, no doubt, but in capable hands. So I Made the decision to stay with the shop and the rebuilt tranny. Did I make a good call ? I hope so.
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