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worst-case tool kit


The wife and I may be taking a diesel on a cross-country road trip. The trip, Id anticipate, would take us through some countryside where there are not necessarily lots of people or facilities. The AAA 100 mile tow allowance may be needed because the closest service place, let alone dealer, might be 100+ miles away.

Because of this, I'd like to put together a "worst-case" tool kit - something that isnt my whole basement full of tools, but that gets me better capability for most everything than the standard MB tool kit or a ratchet set.

My thoughts are:

-MB tool kit
-3/8" drive ratchet set with wobble extension
-extra screwdriver
-pre and main fuel filter
-gallon of oil
-quart of ATF
-gallon of water, gallon of antifreeze
-2x8" board
-solar battery charger
-manual air (bicycle) pump

But what else? I dont want this to get too huge, and I figure things like the gallon of water double as a just in case survival item. The ATF I figure can be used to fill the fuel filter in case of a need to change, to minimize how much priming I need to do. But what other tools? Would it make sense to have some crowsfoot wrenches? What sizes besides 13mm? Anything else? I was thinking of maybe a tire plug kit too...

Obviously if something goes terribly wrong, Ill get a tow... And Im not expecting anything to go wrong at all. I don't want to bring the kitchen sink, just some stuff to get me by in case of a batch of bad fuel, loss of a tire, a leak develops, etc.


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