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91 350 SDL Engine Swap

I have a 1991 350 SDL with engine problems, probably the notoriuos bent rods. I have read numerous posts on this site that provide a lot of information on the issues of bent rods. It not my intention to start that discussion over again. I have already replaced the head and glow plugs.
My intention is to just pull the factory motor and put in a different one. The proverbial "straight forward swap." Is there such a thing?
From researching my vehicle info I have discovered that I have a 603.970 block that produces 134 HP. This year and model also came with a 603.971 block that produced 140 HP. If this information is correct, is the rod probelm inherent in both? What is
the easiest,
best scenario
for an engine swap that will get me the reliability and performance I was expecting with a 350 Benz?
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