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air conditioner

I have a few problems with the climate control on my 85300TD. I hope with a few sugestions I can repair them myself. The first problems is the air compressor. Is it easy for a total idiot to replace, and if so what exactly will I need? I keep reading about "If you're going to do it the right way..." you need to replace the receiver-dryer. Is that true? and where is it located on a 1985 300 TD Turbo. My goal is to replace the compressor myself and have someone else convert the system over. I took my car down to a recomened shop and they told me that it would cost $1200 to fix my a/c. That price alone sent me looking elsewhere.

The other problem is the blower motor. It cuts out all the time. Can you really replace the brushes on them or is it worth buying a whole new motor.

Any sugestions will help, because it's hot in the Mid-West. Thanks.
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