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Originally Posted by neds380sl View Post
An honest man! Probably an OK deal, too.
Maybe, but something tells me the car is a POS.

"1 repaint in 2003, maaco premium job that cost me 1400 dollars."

Means very little if the car was a rust bucket to begin with. A little Bondo and a cheap paint job will look good for a short period of time. After 6 years, it can look pretty bad. He states nothing about current condition.

"expect to keep on driving with this old geezer until the end of the world"

That statement sets of all type of alarms. Whenever I read nonsense like that, it usually means big-time BS'er.

"needs new steering box, still ok but a lot of play about 1-2" of it"
Probably needs everything from control arms to steering coupler.

"needs completed exhaust system"
Big big bucks $$$.

"needs complete air conditioning system"
Again, big big bucks $$$

"needs new seat covers, ok very bad shape here"
In other words, Interior is in tatters.

"runs great on the highway.... very smooth running car."
Wonder how it runs when not on highway.

"$1000 a bargin."

Probably a parts car, nothing more. But who knows for sure. Would be interesting to have someone take a look see and report back on it's condition.
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