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W124 Expansion Valve


The next real problem is weak cold air from the AC. Last week I had it recharged to no avail. Nick, my independent, looked at it again today and claims that the problem is the expansion valve. He came to this conclusion by watching the pressure gage he connected and taping on the expansion valve with a large screw driver and seeing the pressure drop momentarily.

He was measuring from the Schrader valve on the cold side driver side by fender) and it was between 60 & 80lbs. He said he expected 40.

He says this is a four hour job, ouch. Does anyone have an opinion about this problem? Any one have some way to confirm his diagnoses? Or better yet, a trick to try and coax one more summer out of this valve?

I my search revealed a lot of scary evaporator discussions, but not much about the expansion valve (other than to replace it when you do the other stuff.)

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