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3000 RPM idle!!!

Yes I feel like a knucklehead.

My wife`s 190e 16V is idling at 3000 rpm after I attempted to examine the throttle valve position sensor (The one that`s impossible to get at without removing the whole injection system???). No continuity between pin 1 and 2 at idle.

While I had it slightly apart I sprayed some carb cleaner on the throttle valve to get rid of some serious carbon buildup. I gave up on the switch removal as it is impossible to get at. Put it back together and it went nuts. Could the cleaner have damaged a sensor??

The linkage is correct and the throttle valve is at its stop. It must be the idle air valve in order for it to idle that high??? No other leaks found. Coincidence??

On an other issue. (It has not been a good weekend) . The ABS light has been on for a few weeks. It occured after I had the front jacked up. Thought it was a bad wheels speed sensor. Both sensors checked out ok. Replaced the OVP relay and the ABS light went out......for 30 minutes. Could my problems be related???


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