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Lost four Cylinders.

She's been threatening for a while now. Then a couple of weeks ago the Mrs was out in it (92 500 SL) and it lost most of its power. In the shed it goes and I pulled the engine shrouds and plug covers off to reveal one lot of distributers plugs have no spark. Thought it may be a faulty ignition lead from the coil. Its the easy to get at coil by the way. Not the one under the ABS box. The lead is OK. The coil tested OK too. The plugs are clean. The inside of the distributer cap (contact ad rotor blade bit) was pretty scunged up, so scraped them back to a nice clean surface. No difference. Left it for a couple of weeks and went to start it yesterday and she fired up on all 8 sweet as a nut. Down the drive I roll out on the street good as gold. Hit the hill and the 4 cylinders drop off straight away. Then back to running crap again.

Were should I be looking now?

Cheerz, Tim.
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