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I don't understand why the "mad little face" when you are attemping to do a modification on the car. If you leave it alone, it's fine, it's not Mercedes fault you want to do a modification. The reason they don't include the "aftermarket bulbs" is because, duh, they are the manufacturer. What do you want them to include next, a big bass tube in the trunk, and maybe a set of those nifty neon licence plate frames? Sheeesh!
The current draw of your "should be standard" bulbs are either too high or too low, which is triggering the lamp warning.
The bulbs on the non-Xenon headlamp system are H7.
Sorry to vent, but give MB a break for once. No idea on the problem with no high beams, and if you want fogs, you have to select them by pulling the knob. Just because YOU want them on all the time doesn't mean everyone does, I know I wouldn't.
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