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A/C clutch or compressor?

I spent some time troubleshooting my A/C problems on the W124 this weekend.

I found that if I jump terminal 30 and 87 where the Klima relay sits, to engage the A/C the A/C would engage, the engine made a noticable drop in RPM and after 1-2 seconds the fuse blew.

Does this mean a seized compressor or bad clutch?

If at worst case the compressor has to be replaced, will it make sense to replace it with a R134a compatible one and replace the other necessary parts while repairing the system? Or are the only replacement compressors we can buy R12 only?

I assume the fluid in the system has to be replaced, or can it be evacuated and put back into the system after replacing the A/C compressor?

I read a bunch of recent posts and searched the archives but didn't quite find a clear answer to all of this.

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