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They were squealing when you make turns, thats why I replaced the bearings. There was like .01" of play in the hub which is about .12 mm, but now there is not even .001" of play which is around .01mm. My dial indicator didnt even move. They do not squeak when driving.

They only squeak sometimes when applying the brakes. The car handles better with the new bearings.

See my little brother is turning sixteen on wednesday, and I am trying to have all the problems ironed out for him, but I have been doing these brakes for over two months. He said I dont want them to squeak. I have done everything. I told him, just drive it around and see if it does it. Now the ABS does NOT kick in anymore even if its squeaking. I cleaned off the abs pick up on the hub so that may be helping too.

Ear plugs. He'll probably just put in a stereo. He has a stereo in the rangerover, but he decided he wanted the benz instead so it'll probably go into the benz.

Thanks for your replies.

No Benzes in the stable at the moment, but itching for one again.

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