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SL 500 1995 High A/C system pressure reading

Boy this car will test your wits! Installed a rebuilt compressor, expansion valve, drier two weeks ago. Proper oil level and freon charge. System was evacuated by ASE tech friend. Compressor won't engage after it ran fine for a week. System shows "high" pressure, the reading is from the low side valve using a DIY freon install gauge. Pressure shows 90 psi. Last week it showed normal. By passing the high pressure switch with a paperclip won't engage the compressor. During some troubleshooting last week, this worked. After the install, I mistakenly connected the wires at the drier in reverse and the fans ran and the compressor would not. I figured out the wiring goof-aw and everything was fine until today. Fuses are OK but won't run. Steve
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