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A/C overhaul in 97 C230--Advice/Help needed

97 C230, 90,000 miles

One month ago, A/C went out. I checked all the usual stuff and turn out the coil pack in the clutch was bad. So bought a reman clutch and installed it after removing compressor. Upon charging the system the compressor completely locked up. Will not turn at all. The new clutch is fried as well.

My A/C problems are now serious, but I have done this many times on BMWs and other cars. Just never a 97 C230. I have bought reman compressor from MB, rec/drier, and exp valve. Here are my questions:

1. What are the following service bulletins talking about (83/85 14.03.96 and 83/83 27.06.95) ? The new compressor came with a notice to check the above. What do they say?
2. Does this reman unit (directly from MB) have oil already in it?
3. If yes above, then how much additional oil should I add if any? What type of oil?
4. I intend to flush the system with a quick drying cleaner/degreaser made for this sort of thing. Any hazards to be aware of?
5. Where is the exp valve located? Usually under the dash somewhere, but not sure on this model.

Thanks for any and all help. It is getting very hot in South Mississippi.
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