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Angry dead miss

I have a 92 500E that was running fine. I started to work on the list for the 60K service. I swapped air filters and caps and rotors with bosch replacements and have confirmed that parts were correct. Upon installing new parts the car has started missing, first just a hesitation on decell and accel, then acting like it has 4 cly hitting instead of 8. I put the old rotors back in the car and it was better but still died at stops and was hard to restart. I have ohmed the wires, cap, and coil wires. One of the coil wires does not want to click in to coil, the contacts at the coil were spread slightly but should still make a good contact. I pulled and am replacing plugs and am going to fire back up. I have seen no check engine light but the car is puffing gas fumes ( as I am concedering hemlock for cocktails tonight).
I am a fair tech and a good parts swapper, and even though after years in the industry, all I have is a volt ohm meter for diagnostics, no repair manual for this car as of yet

ideas ???

I will repost after installing the new plugs ( all 8 look the same, slightly fuel fouled) and installing the new caps and rortors and redriving.


(seeking good recipe for a hemlock martini)
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