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I believe that a good machinist with a good boring bar that registers on the main bearing centerline such as a Rottler can do a good job with this block. Although there are sleeves, they are just press in sleeves like the use from time to time to repair all sorts of engine blocks.

I really prefer to bore and use new O/S pistons rather than sleeve back standard and reuse the pistons. The pistons are heaviliy stressed in a diesel.

If number one is too worn, they can run a bead down the liner, collapse it, get it out and put a sleeve only in that hole, no problem. That way all cylinders will take the same size piston.

Also, beware that there are two piston types and two prechamber types, make sure the prechamber and pistons match. The crown of the piston is different and must be used with the correct prechamber.

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