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went through 2 batteries, when the alternator got hot it shorted out and just killed the battery in about 30 sec.
Just curious...
When the alternator "shorts out" is it gone for good? Or does it come back with a charge to the battery?

I ask because I am having same symptoms with my 1981 300tdt.
I checked the voltage with a charged battery and 12.5 idling, revving, all lights and accessories on: No change.
The guy said that the alternator is probably shot. I removed the Voltage Regulator and the brushes are about 3/4"-1" long. And evenly wore, shiny at the ends. I assume this is good.

THEN, I found loose wires at the alternator and pos. terminal of battery. "Fixed" them with no positive results.

Hmmm...I guess I have to bite the bullet and replace the alternator.
(Someone please jump in and stop me b4 I actually begin to change it out... )
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