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For the 560SEL from the W126 CD manual:

engine oil - 8.0l/8.5qt motor oil, grade depends on ambient temp

automatic transmission - 7.7l/8.1qt MB ATF (Dexron III)

rear axle - 1.3l/1.4qt SAE 90 hypoid gear oil

power steering - 1.3l/1.4qt MB PS fluid

level control - 2.0l/2.1qt hydraulic fluid (search archives for the right type)

brake reservoir - 0.5l/0.5qt MB brake fluid (DOT 4)

cooling system - approx 13.0l/13.7qt MB anticorrosion/antifreeze, can't find the section on mix

Lots of discussion on engine oil recommendations and even more on coolant.

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