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Gilly, if I had a lift, installation would have been no problem. Since I was crawlling underneath the car, I had to install it with one hand, and since the brushes are spring loaded, it was frustrating.

Diesel, to correct my quote, after further investigation, the alternator did not short out, instead the voltage regulator became so worn that when the car was hot, charging would halt.

Your brushes seem to have plenty of meat on them, unlike mine, see above. When you put the regulator back, is it snug? At the very least you can try putting a new regulator in there and see what happens, ~ $35. At the very least you can return it if no change.

IF that does not work, you have time, you can purchase a remanufactured alternator for on the web for ~ $150. or less? just my 2 cents.
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