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Re: EUROS for a 201 / brand, vacuum, harness, etc.

Originally posted by brookspw
Harness -- how do I make the change from the current pin socket to the one required by the euros? I do NOT want to rewire, install relays, etc., unless I MUST.
In my case, I did not disassemble the old connectors.

What I did was to assemble together 4 wires into the female Euro connector (i.e., the Euro connector with the female wire pins), and on the other end of these wires, soldered on male pins. I followed the wire color-coding when I made this mini-wiring-harness.

I then connected these male pins to their corresponding female pins on the old female connector, then taped it up for insulation and protection. Then of course the female Euro connector goes into the lamp cluster.

I did this in case I needed to quickly switch back to my original stock lamps (for whatever reason).
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