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This seems to be a very HOT topic this time of year. I read a few threads and they say that the conversion of R-12 to the R-134a is a bad idea. I took my car down to a shop and they told me my clutch on the compressor wasn't engaging. I decided to replace it myself (after seeing the estimate). The problem is I'm not quite sure how to do it properly, but I want to take care of it pretty soon. I plan on taking the car down to have the system evacuated, then brought back to my garage for the compressor replacement. Then after many hours of cursing myself I plan on taking it back down to have it converted. My questions are: Do I need to add the compressor oil when I install the new one or do they do that when I bring the car back to convert it? Do I need replace any o-ring or fittings while I'm down there? etc....

I appreciate any help anyone can give me.

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