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jerry s
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wiring harness

i'm at exactly the same place with my 95 s600 with 55K miles. The NJ office said no way with a 7 year old car. I asked him what to do if the engine was blown (see my earlier post) and he more or less said he had no opinion. I too, was a bit miffed at the attitute of this *superior* car company. I wrote a letter 2 days ago to try to draw the attention of the higher-ups. The local dealerships apparently do have unlimited good will, but MB seems to want to use this on primary owners and long-term supporters of the dealership. I wasn't even in my home state when I broke down. May ship from Idaho, where they have never worked on a V-12 in any serious manner to Enriques in Ca based on what I read in the GOOD Shop forums. Whatever, this is a wonderful newsgroup. Would have been nice to read it before I fell in love with the v12
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