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Yes, anyone with "snake oil" to sell ALWAYS says something to the effect that it is "God's gift to humanity." There are many problems with these "oils." They cause problems for the recyclers who as a group are serving to keep r12 available to us longer, these "oils" often are blends of two or more components that leak off at different rates. This means that if you get a leak, the only way you can get it right again is by completely removing the "oil" and recharging again from scratch.

You don't have to pay $60 per pound for R12 any more. With a 609 certificate, R12 can now be had for as little as $15 per pound.

Please research and think long and hard before usind the snake oil. I have been where you are now in your thinking. With R12 prices decreasing, I am totally rethinking this whole thing. As a matter of fact, I changed my '78 Ford 4X4, that I bought new, BACK to R12 this past weekend. I had changed it to r134 a few years ago and the York compressor just couldn't cut it with the stuff.

I recommend that you continue your research and thinking before taking the messy step toward alternative refrigerants.

Good luck,
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