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Octane & oil consumption

At a full-service gas station yesterday, the kid accidentally filled my 88 300e with 87 octane gas. He was busy, and things got screwed up, so no big deal but I checked the fluid levels of everything before leaving the gas station and decided to test the performance of the car with this low grade gas. Performance wise, no difference at all and i guess as Ive got that crazy resister chip that retards the spark or whatever, no pinging.

The oil level was at 3/4 full when i left the gas station. 60 km later, the oil light comes on! I pull over, no sign of leakage, but the dip stick is below the minimum level; of course, i carry vital fluids in the car and top it off to full morning, no sign of leakage, oil level at full...question - where did the 3/4 litre of oil go in 60 km?

I think its in the oil filter now, as burning "dirty" gas pollutes the oil, the filter does its job and soaks up the fouling agents but reduces the overall quantity of oil in the crank. I bought some octane booster and goosed the quality of the gas.

So, its off to the oil changers to drain the crap oil (after i burn off that tank of stink gas) and wonder for the sake of engine life why they sell such garbage. Im hoping it hasnt fouled the sparks etc, im assuming the oil is the vacuum cleaner of the engine.
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