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My baby's still acting up and even after the fan clutch change, still shoots up past 110! She's just fine at highway speeds (steady 80-82) but just as soon as I take her off of the exit ramp, it shoots up and especially when I'm sitting at a light, the coolant is coming from the overflow tank and drains onto the pavement.

I've purchased MB coolant and not going to add it until this is fixed. I've been just driving with my 6 coolant jugs of water to replenish her when she cools off (the aux fan kicks in and when I shut her off, I leave the key on so it won't go off until it cools down) and I'm ready to leave for my next destination. None of the temps went up like this until AFTER I changed my coolant and have had drama ever since!

I just noticed last night that after we came off of the highway and I shut her down in the driveway, I popped the hood and saw that the hose to the expansion tank was being filled with some water that was pushed from the top of the radiator.I felt through the fan to the radiator and followed the direction of the fan with my hand on the radiator and from the right bottom of the radiator heading in a circular motion (with the fan) noticed it was cool to the touch and as I made my way to the top heading to the left it got extremely hot that I couldn't keep my hand on it. the top of the radiator was also very hot. I can't remember, but what does it mean as far as if the vents are hot/cool to the touch. should it be cool or hot after such a ride considering the ram air effect?

Although its brand new and not even been in the car a year yet, I'm now thinking it may be a radiator/circulation issue. Any opinions on this? How would I be able to check this?
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