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Originally Posted by tbomachines View Post
I got a queen size memory foam mattress top at target for about $12 a couple months ago. It is about 2" thick, think it would be perfect folded in half or in thirds for a bench seat.
I'll check into that. The 3" thick foam I found that was large enough to do the rear seat bottom was close to $80.

The '79 SD, AKA "Banana Boat", is kinda a beater so, I won't be dumping much into it at the moment but, it's got to seat four without poking holes in ones clothes.

The passenger seat is perfect, rear seat covering is not too bad but all the padding is gone and the drivers seat is shot.
I've been watching the yards for a W116 with good seats for a couple of years with no luck.
Hate to part her out as it only has 120K miles and no rust.
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