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correct fuel pump relay

Message is for CSnow:

I managed to find a fuel pump relay for my 1987 300D with the following part number as specified in W124 tech tips:

002 545 27 05 ( a Mercedes part number with 9 pins).

I removed the fuel pump relay from the car to replace it and found a different part number in there. It was:

003 545 2405 ( a mercedes part number with 10 pins). I compared the two parts and found that there is an extra terminal on this part and it is labeled 87H. I compared the electrical diagram from the W124 Tech Tips and there is no function identified for pin 87H. I talked to Phil at your parts shop and he matched up the 003 545 2405 with my VIN and says that is the part Mercedes recommends for my car.

Now the question for you is will the 002 545 27 05 work in my car without causing a problem? It looks like it should, and the only difference is the addition of pin 87H - again, what function does it perform?
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