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Unhappy 560SL Intermittent Stalling

MY 560SL has an intermittent stalling problem.
When driving with the A/C on it will suddenly stall. This includes driving at highway speeds and slowing for exits. After stalling the car start agains right away.

Turning the A/C off stops the problem.

When the car stalls the Tach needle jumps between 1000 and 2000 RPM and the ABS light sometimes somes on.

I just replaced the OVP relay but the problem continues. The original relay had 1 fuse and the replacement 2 fuses. I question the parts saleman and he said the 2 fuse relay replaces the original. The wiring schematic on the side of the ralay seemed to indicated it would work so I installed it. Is this OK or did I put in the wrong relay?

What else could be causing the problem?
I've read it could be the A/C idle speed sensor?
Should this be the next part I replace?

Any other suggestions?

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