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If you want to check your rad to see if it is plugged (which by your description it maybe) Remove the shroud from the rad on the fan side so the entire inside face of it is open to touch. Take off the the bottom rad hose (since your car is filled with water only already) and plug the opening on the rad with a cloth fairly tight (it will leak a little but is OK for this test. Disconnect your top rad hose and get yourself one of those plastic flower 2 gallon watering container with a spout (about $1.99). Fill the watering container with real hot water and put a piece of hose on the spout and put the other end of the hose into the top rad hole.Fill the rad with the hot water. Then run your hand over the entire surface of the rad on the fan side. The temperature should be the same all over the rad -if you feel cold spots or spots that are much cooler - you have a plugged rad - don't care if it is new or otherwise. If it is plugged you are halfway there to removing it to take to a rad shop for cleaning or recoring or to replace it. If the rad is partially plugged no amount of ram air or fan speed will stop the temp from climbing. Keep me posted.As an aside - I have worked on cars for 10 years now and have learned the hard way - just because a part is new - don't ASSUME it is not defective - have wasted a lot of troubleshooting time because I ASSUMED the new part was good. The best troubleshooting is still logic and common sense - and of course the old expert - experience - which you will have when this problem is solved! - Keep smiling - you'll get it!
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