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Before you go crazy on your cruise amp - I will tell you my little story. I did not use my cruise for about 2 years because I was working on various things on the car and did not take it on a highway run where cruise could be used. Last fall I took the car for a 40 mile run on the highway and engaged the cruise - the car started to slow down and speed up and sometimes felt like it wanted to stall with the cruise on - disengaging the cruise - the car was perfect - I then re-engaged the cruise and ran it with the speeding up and slowing down - as I drove - it seemed to get better - in the last 10 miles it never acted up once. I then had the car in winter storage from Oct. to May of this year. My first trip out - the cruise started to act up again - but after about 60 miles settled down and started to work perfectly. It has not acted up since. I am thinking that maybe contacts were dirty or corroded from sitting and by using it - they got cleaned off. Just my two cents worth! If you haven't been using your cruise for a while - keep using it regularly and see if it works better. If not - then check your amp. Cheers!!
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