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Welcome to Benz & So. Fla.

Hi David...
I live in Boca Raton which is the next town north of Deerfield Beach. I use Angelo at European Cars of Boca (561-392-9222). Almost as anal as I am ...he is very good, thorough, and fair. Tell him I sent you.
Can't help you much with the questions you asked. I will say this though: Be prepared to spend a lot of cash on this car. Make sure the timing chain has been done. If not, do it ASAP!!! If that sucker fails you are looking at a $4,000 rebuilt top end and at 120,000 miles you are overdue.
There are lots of things I have learned about my car that you might find valuable so when questions come up regarding things like A/C, Sunroof, wheels/tires, ...all kinds of things...feel free to ask.
Good luck and Happy Benzing!!
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