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I've heard that before you suspect ANYTHING serious with the cruise you should clean & lube the throttle linkange. I already wanted to do that BEFORE this trip, so that's next on the agenda. Somehow I think it's something stupid and simple, like a bad contact or a loose switch, or the linkage being too stiff and therefor the actuator shutting out. Why? Because 90% of the time the thing works like a charm. It holds speed. All it does occassionally is disengage, usually abruptly during accelaration. Then, if you hit resume, it tries to find the correct speed, i.e. it will engage, and if it does not disengage again, the car will accelarate to the correct speed and hold, until I stop it or it disengages again. It could even be something dumb like a loose brake pedal switch or something like that.

I'm just happy as can be that I was able to trust this thing for a long road trip. Oh yeah - it turned 100k miles on the trip, and we took pictures of the odometer at 99999 and 100000! First time I've ever witnessed this!
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