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Just spent 6 hours looking over the 380SL

It's in its heated garage where it will spend the winter as I work to maintain it. So far, have looked at all controls and found two owner's manuals.
Some questions for the group:

1. What fluid is used in the 380SL 1983 vintage transmission (AT)?

2. What gear oil is used in the rear end? The boolk says 85W90. Is amultivis any better? Synthetic?

3. Lest I open a can of worms, what kind of oil is used by the group?

4. Spark plugs: N9Y or Bosch W7D. Newer versions used?

5. I noticed the power brake booster is rusty, yet the fluid inside looks normal. Do these units just rust? If so, I'll clean and re-paint with anti-rust paint.

6. Requested the data card, so I'll find out if this has anti-lock brakes, which I doubt.

The front grille needs some clean-up, a little rust on the chrome portion and the paint on the plastic is fading away, I may redo soon.

It needs a hood pad too. Plus an interior freshening-up (discussed previously).

After I do all the oil changes, AT, brake checks etc, I'll be back here prior to tackling the removal of the hardtop and examination of the convertible top.

In the meantime, appreciate info/answers to the questions on fluids.
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