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I don't really know.
My front shocks were worn and leaking, so I just made the assumption that was the reason for the high front end. Since a shock absorber basically keeps the spring under control, my theory was that the worn shocks allowed the spring to decompress more than normal making it ride higher in the front. (if that makes any sence). Shock experts please chime in here.
My car was out of alignment too.....worn outer edges and it appeared to have some positive camber when looking at it the right way. But the car still dropped over 3" once the springs were put on before I had it aligned.

The comforts on the front & HD's in the rear could be a possiblility.
Might want to contact a Bilstein expert to see if the 2 give the same ride height characteristics if they even effect ride height.

Wish I could be more helpful.
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