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Originally Posted by retmil46 View Post
@#$%^#!!!! If I'd thought to check the forum one week earlier!!! Just started looking to find another in decent shape to have down here in Texas, and let my sister and her hubby keep the replacement '87 and wrecked parts car up in NC - the replacement '87 needed the dash pulled for a vacuum pod replacement, not something I'm equipped to do down here right now. And a car without A/C in Texas is undriveable.
Well I started to PM you last week, but got to thinking you would not want another tinker car. But what do I know, I am just a retired squid.

The guy that got the car is I am sure going to enjoy a lot of miles of motoring down the road, to be sure. Wish I still had by code reader to clear the code to turn off that ABS light, I never understood how MB could come up with the idea to use the ABS light for other things like low voltage to battery, and couple other things it lights up for besides the ABS. I mean how much more would it have cost to put in an idiot light as used on most cars???
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