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Your mishap filling your gas tank had no direct effect in emptying your oil sump.
There is no relationship whatsoever.
What could have happened (just guessing) is when you checked the oil at the service station, the engine had been off for several minutes with the result of draining the oil back to the oil sump. When you checked it again (60Km) later, just after shutting down the engine, the oil was still everywhere in the engine, and very little in the oil sump.
Regular grade gasoline (as compared to high octane gasoline) is not a a stink gas or a dirty gas. As a matter of fact, since high octane turn-around in a normal service station is something like 8 times slower than regular gas, you stand more chance of getting ''dirty'' high octane fuel.
Regular gasoline has not/will not cause any damage or other problem to your car, as long as it does not induce pinging.
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