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Idle Issues.

Ok, well my mechanic said he was working on my car for a year, and well, he wasn't. First of all i didn't have the time to do this, but now i have to make time. My car has a rough idle, mostly in part because the vacuum system to the engine needs to do done over since someone tried doing it themself without a diagram. As well, I am missing the oxygen sensor which control the fuel air through the lambda control. If i install an o2 sensor by drilling into the exhaust, welding in a new bung, install the oxygen sensor and hook it up, would this work? Where is the oxygen sensor wire located as well for the hookup. Also, where is the lambda unit, because i can find every other one but this one. so i figured once i work out these bugs, i test the timing and do the adjustments since messing with the timing now isn't the right issue to start with.
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