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Angry C280 Adaptive Transmission

Anyone -

I was having a serious downshift problem in my '97 C280 - it would "clunk" from 3rd to 2nd really hard when decelerating fast. After a few visits to my indie and finally the dealership, they put a new transmission computer in. Problem solved. However, the tech at the dealership told me that MB had put out this updated computer a while back. Prior to the man. warranty expiring, "they" couldn't duplicate the problem. RIGHT. Alas, after the warranty expired all the sudden the dealership kew what the problem was. My question is this - was MB replacing the Trans computer for anyone while it was under warranty? This site has been a major education (thanks everyone), but I feel I've been had. The dealership advisor even told me that they had some serious problems with the old computer. Why hadn't this been explained before? Anyone with any advice out there? Should I call New Jersey?


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