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Problems with '96 C280... Expert Needed

I am currently having two problems which I beleive could be vacum related. My rearheadrests won't go down and my trunk will not release via the remote or the button on the center console, when I hit either button I do hear some noise from the rear of the vehicle, when its the headrests i hear a click and the trunk makes the sound of what seems to be a motor. Anyways I popped the hood and took at look a the vacum lines that are present in the upper left hand corner of the front of the car. I have attached some pics of it... I noticed two things... 1) one of the plugs is missing a tube 2) one of the tubes' plugs is black, while the rest are grey... Here is a text diagram

EMPTY-----------------------WHITE (RED STRIPE)

The red one COULD have a white stripe but I couldn't really tell b/c it was dark outside. If anyone could check their '96 C280's to see if the they match my configuration or if they are different... I couldn't really find a loose tube so I am not sure if that is what goes into the empty slot. I wish I had a service manual or CDROM that would help tons, but until then I will rely on this forums abundance of experts.

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