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Cruise control switch problem???

The other day coming back from Costa Mesa I decided to use the CC. At the first attempt to engage it didn't catch, I thought about my recent cruise amp repairs and testing of the actuator and tried again. On the second attempt the cruise engaged and held a steady speed for the nearly 90 mile ride home.

As I neared town I had to brake, upon hitting the brake the cruise disengaged, but immediately re-engaged when I released the brake. I could not disengage the cruise via the stalk and every attempt to disengage with the brake was only temporary. That is until my speed dropped below about 25 MPH.

I'm thinking the switch gave up the ghost and stuck in the engaged position. I have not attempted to re-engage the cruise since.

Before I order a new switch from FastLane/PartsShop, I ask is this a common symptom of a CC stalk that is toast?
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