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Years ago a friend towed my 77 810 Datsun wagon from Michigan to florida behind his motorhome in mid winter.He hooked up tow bar in a snow storm but did not hook up any running lights instead turn the parking lights on on the towed vehicle. when the battery started getting low he would start engine and and let it idle as he drove to keep battery charged. he said the engine would get hot and stop running he would then run for a while with engine off as it cooled then restart it(it was seizing as I had drained the cooling system when I parked it.but he did not know that. When I picked the car up in Fla he had by then figured out that it had no collant and was very sorry for his mistake beliving he had ruined the engine. I put the drain plug in (that was in the ash tray all the time) changed the oil and filled it with collant. It started right up not a kock a squeak or a rattle it burned a touch more oil than before but I drove for three years after that......
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